Only for those who loves DIY and appreciates electronic technology... With our years of development and stack of prototypes, Audio Maiko now offer you our latest amplifier module series.  

         Audio Maiko's amplifier stack

Our benchmark : e.g. The 100 watts MosFET amplifier module offer 45 v/uS slew rate and one MHz bandwidth with a 0.02% distortion.

e.g. Our 50 watts "Class A" amp module offers 0.001% distortion with freq resp of 5 Hz to 50 KHz and a 33v/uS at pefect linear operation. .......
" Audio Maiko " is a company that design and manufacture audio amplifier with emphasis in DIY assembled modules.


We manufacture assembled modules such as pre-amp, power amp, power supply and accoustic accessories... In addition, we integrated our modules and built the complete amplify unit for your system DIY.