Maiko Two unit is made up of 1 Pre-amp module, 2 MosFET Power Amp and 1 HV Power Supply giving 2x100 watts. Plus cabinet accessories.

Maiko Two (MosFET) unit as shown :


Maiko Two schematic :


Specification :

Rated output 2 x 90 watts class AB with 8 ohm load at 0.005% distortion.
Max. output 2 x 100 watts class AB with 8 ohm at 0.01% distortion.
Freq. response 5 Hz to 50 kHz at 0 to -0.5dB ; 5 Hz to 100 kHz 0 to -3dB.
Total harm. dist. 0.001% at 1 kHz 1 watt with 8 ohm load.
Slew rate 45 volt/uS.
Input sensitivity 50 mv at 100 watt class AB output power.
Damping factor 250 under class A operation.
Input impedance 10 kilo ohm / 100 PF.
Power amp Two independent power amp module block.
Preamp two preamp channel on one board.
Output protect AC/DC fused, plus DC output offset sensing protection.
Heat sink temp 40 degree C.
Chassis size 40 cm L x 11 cm H x 38 cm W; wt. 22 kg.


Maiko Two... (MosFET) unit feature :

We integrated our Maiko's assembled modules: a preamp, two MosFET Power Amp, a HV power supply and together with all necessary components to build this complete unit ..... the MosFET Maiko Two.

The pre-amp :.....Burr Brown best op amp was installed in the pre-amp. Cascade voltage regulation with IC was applied in the circuitry. The pre-amp is an adaptor between different signal sources and the power amp module.

The MosFET Power amp :......We combine the American made IC driver with the Japanese made MosFET in this power amp module. Such merging created the wide bandwidth with high slew rate effect, because the high output voltage swing of the IC driver forced the MosFET to work at its optimum region of amplification. The JFET input buffer stage isolated the Pre-amp module and the power amp board.

The Power Supply :......Audio grade capacitors were used in the supply. The on board IC sense the output offset voltage to provide system safety, it also provide speaker time delay on connection.

The chassis cabinent :...300 watts toroid Xformer was solidly mounted. Strong solid chassis cabinent with large meter front pnael. The double ganged volume and balance control are Japanese made by Alps. All inputs and speaker terminals were silver plated audiophile grade.

Maiko two unit weighs 22 Kg., thus postage is excluded.......US$950.