LV power supply module with 2x22,000 audio Nova cap for US$70. Postpaid. Single board provided with two sets of terminal output posts.

           Module " LV Power supply "  


Specification : with left/right channel output terminals

Rated output One power supply for left and right channel amplifier.
AC input volt 20 volt to 35 volt (max) .
DC output volt 45 volt (max).
Filtering Two 22,000 uF 50 volt Capacitor made by Nova.
Ripple 50 mv at 4 Amp 40 volt output.
Protection using IC RC1237 short circuit protection and time delay on.
Relay switch 20 amp relay contacts for amp to speaker connection.
Input AC plug in terminal lugs with 20 amp rectifier.
Output Solid copper Soldering socket pin.
Features Heavy duty double sided PCB 10 cm x 15 cm.


LV power supply:

DC output voltage and current depends only on transformer AC supply.

With a pair of audio grade Nova 2x22,000 uF capacitor, the power supply was designed with a greater storage capacitance, result with a stable output at high current drawn and a low ripple noise. Using standard IC designed for system protection and speaker delay on connection. High current rectifier is installed.

To maintain the heavy current flow along those copper tracks, the only choice is a double sided PCB board with large conducting surface.

Two sets of DC output pins and speaker output pins were posted on each side of the board. Color coded cable for connection to the power amp are pre-soldered for you (not shown).